Market Information

Weekly market information from current cash sales and basis markets drive current projections on a daily basis.


Fundamental Research

Fundamental Research is looked at on a daily basis to give long term fundamental direction based off of supply and demand factors.  In today’s volatile markets, this includes outside markets and even foreign economies that can play havoc on our commodity markets.


Technical Analysis

Technical research plays a much bigger part on near term and intraday markets with the current volume of trades placed by speculators and funds.


A hedge system needs to have strong guidelines to follow, yet flexible enough to change as market fundamentals change.  The risk one is willing to take is going to be different for each individual, that is why Beall Investment Services, LLC offers a personalized hedge strategy for each of its clients that is that they can live with.  Long term goals are to find a way to limit risk by reducing volatility and increasing equity into the next year.


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